SMS Based Top-Up

Top-up using SMS is quick and easy. Simply text the operator syntax as shown in the picture above and send it to +44 753 741 0154. Your mobile will get the top-up amount within a minute!

Use the following syntax for the following operators

THR 3 (three)
ASM Asda Mobile
DAL Dalya Mobile
DEL Delight Mobile
ECO Econet Mobile
FRE Freedom Talk
GIF Giff Gaff
GTM GT Mobile
ICM I Card Mobile
LEB Lebara Mobile
LYC Lyca Mobile
MIM Mi-Mobile
NOW Now Mobile
O2M O2 Mobile
ORG Orange Mobile
SIM Simple Mobile
TAL Talaphone
TMP Talkmobile
TES Tesco Mobile
TMO T-Mobile
VEC Vectone Mobile
VIR Virgin Mobile
VIZ Vizz Mobile
VOD Vodafone